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About Us

Over the past quarter century, we, like the markets we serve, have changed.

We started in 1980 as a graphic design and commercial photography studio, then doubled our staff as we morphed into a full-service advertising agency. Over the years, some markets have dried up while others have flourished, so today we find ourselves sitting at our computers or talking on the phone, administering the acquisition of specialty construction products and services to our client general contractors and property developers/owners.

We are still primarily facilitators, so although the product and service mix has evolved, our critical skill set – our creativity, our attention to detail and our knack for finding successful solutions – have stayed pretty much the same, growing and adapting to meet new demands.


Throughout our history, we have held to a fairly simple business goal: build lasting relationships with clients who appreciate high-quality products and services delivered in a timely manner at a reasonable cost. Likewise, we strive to develop and maintain a cadre of competent, dependable product vendors and independent installers.

You don't like surprises and neither do we, so we strive always through documentation and conversation to head off potential problems before they surface. The Golden Rule is our bedrock, and although we may not be perfect, we strive to hit the targets of fairness and courtesy and consideration in everything we do.


Elaine Gossett, President, an Atlanta native, holds a Journalism degree from Georgia State University. From public relations and advertising to signage and construction finishing specialties, Elaine has applied her unique blend of communications skills and solution-oriented pragmatism to projects great and small. Whether she’s working for corporate giants or mom-and-pop stores, she strives for the win-win scenario on every project. While she loves surprises on birthdays and at Christmas, she believes there is no place for them in business relationships.

Steve Gossett, Executive VP & Creative Director, came up from Florida to attend Georgia Tech and somehow just never left after graduating. Marrying Elaine may have had something to do with that, but the opportunities in the Big Peach far outweighed those in Indian River County, so here he stayed. Steve brings his “Renaissance Man” skills as writer, graphic designer, photographer, computer guru, musician, voice talent and all-around creative thinker to bear on the diversity of projects IMM undertakes each year.

In addition to teaching various classes at Roswell Assembly of God, Steve is an Elder and has served many years on the Board of Deacons. He also serves on the Board of Directors and as Treasurer of The Foundation for Pentecostal Scholarship, a non-profit educational support organization he co-founded.

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